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3D® MAXpider’s globally renowned patented technology has racked up many prestigious awards such as SEMA’s Global Media, Golden Pin Design Mark, Reddot Design, Taiwan Invention, Geneva Invention, etc which makes it one of the most sought after Car Floor Mats

Professionally laser measured and cut to enable the elusive 3D® precision-fit, custom made for every vehicle.  Unlike ordinary mats and floor liners, 3D® MAXpider’s three-layer design sets it apart.

The waterproof, sleek carbon fibre textured top layer compliments all car interiors, adding a stylish and elegant contour. The second layer is packed with comfortable soft foam XPE to minimise foot fatigue. The third layer is a specially designed anti-skid bottom that keeps the mats snug in place and doesn’t allow the mat to shift even during the most demanding drives.

3D® MAXpider mats are made up of odourless environment friendly, recyclable T.P.R (Thermal Plastic Rubber) that has been awarded the SGS eco-friendly product certification.

At 3D® only the highest quality materials are used to construct our 3D® MAXpider floor liners, this is what facilitates their lightweight construction, extreme durability and abrasion-free functionality.


Ordinary mats and so-called 5D, 6D, 9D etc. mats are made up of imitation leather that is synthetic and inferior in quality. Imitation leather or synthetic leather is very cheap to produce and develops unbearably unpleasant odours over time. The poor stitching leads to water-logging which can form mildew over time, which is hazardous to both the driver and the passengers. Unnecessary spikes damage your car’s original car or flooring, buttons are usually low-grade and are loosened easily, hooks, clamps, manual cuts and PVC glue are all unwanted inconveniences that you do not need to adjust to. These ordinary mats are not designed to be easy on the eyes and look terribly out of place. Different stitching patterns, varying materials and colour-ways that are unsuitable.

The patented all-in-one design makes 3D® MAXpider mats 100% waterproof and washable, whereas other mats have stitching holes and poor design. This allows water to seep into the foam that ultimately damages the product and makes it unwashable, defeating the whole purpose of lining your cabin floors. 3D® MAXpider mats are hassle-free to install and unlike other mats, they do not have complicated installation methods, instructions, or velcro. Coil mats are virtually impossible to clean effectively, heavy and cumbersome to install as they deteriorate overtime leaving nothing but debris and foul odors that fester in your car.

3d car floor mats vs ordinary floor mats
3d car floor mats vs ordinary floor mats
3d car floor mats vs ordinary floor mats
car floor mats

These comparisons direct attention to the monumental difference between 3D Mats and other so-called “acclaimed” floor liners and car mat brands. Quality comes as quality is served so 3D Mat imitations, knock-offs and fakes can only benefit from the original.

Other complacent companies cost cutting endeavours have severely diminished the quality of their products, leaving 3D’s high quality, stylish, technologically refined and functional vehicle interior accessories, peerless. Many attempts have been made to replicate or sell fake, inferior quality, unlicensed 3D Mats. These inferior products which are made by unknown distributors tarnish the unquestionable quality and reputation of 3D Mats India by tricking their users into believing that their products are the same as ours. Furthermore distressed customers tend to submit poor reviews about the 3D brand due to the sale of these inferior quality goods by infringing our brand name on their false goods.

How Do You Check The Authenticity Of Your 3D Mats?

We respectfully urge our consumers to always verify the authenticity of your mats before purchasing and reviewing them. Our 3D Mats are exclusively distributed by Hot Tracks, Bangalore, throughout India. Ask your distributor for the Hot Track seal of assurance to guarantee the purchase of genuine products. Also Do Check Out Our Instagram Page For More Information And Updates.

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