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3D® KAGU Floor Mats vs Imitation Floor Mats

When you take pride in making a part that is so well received by consumers, you’re bound to get imitators. Whether it’s our name or looks nothing beats the original. We ship usually the same day, not in weeks. But one thing we want all to remember, you didn’t buy a fake Telsa, so your mats shouldn’t be fake either.

 | Color |

First Identifying difference is the color. Notice how our 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mats are darker in the image shown. The Imitation Floor mats are lighter in color, and more closely resembles a Dark Gray.

Second identifying difference is notice the quality of the cuts on the mats. Our 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mats have straight cuts that follow curves accurately. Imitation mats cuts look jagged, rough, and look like they’ve been cut by scissors.

 | Anti-Skid Backing |

The next identifying difference between our mats and copies is our Patented MAXpider fiber backing. Some vehicles do not have any posts or hooks for floor mats to clip into. Our mats come with a specialty backing, design to grip the floor of your original interior carpet without harming it.

 | Precise Fitment  |

One more Identifying feature is how accurate our fitment is. Imitations don’t scan and measure the interiors of vehicles to design a product meant to fit it. Poor fitment can be extremely dangerous. Take the following example

 | Fitment  Design |

The imitation is missing this slight imprint where the accelerator depresses on this vehicle. Our mats are slightly thinner at this section because when we scanned the vehicle floor, we considered how far down the accelerator can depress. A thicker mat in this section of the vehicle has the danger of catching the pedal and causing an accident.

Another example of poor fitment is the walls of the mats. Because we scan and measure the vehicle when we design our mats, we ensure our fitment is exact for the vehicle.

 | Fitment  Design |

A third example of poor fitment is the following design of the heel pad. Because there are no posts for mats to hook onto, it is incredibly important for the mats to be accurate for the floor of the vehicle. It needs to follow the contours of the car to properly grip the carpet and not slid up behind the pedals. Therefore, if there is a groove or curve in the floor, our mats are designed to follow them, rather than just cover them.

 | ECO-friendly . Non-toxic |

Another identifying difference is that our mats are non-toxic and odorless. We go through numerous different levels of testing and development to ensure that our mats are made of non-toxic materials. We make sure that our mats are California Prop 65 compliant. Copycats do not go through such rigorous testing methods to ensure their materials are environmentally friendly. Who knows what their mats are made of? We have no idea what that smell coming from their mats could be and have no idea if it could become toxic when left in the heat of a hot car.

 | Customer Services |

We would also like to remind consumers that cheap copies may be a good short-term solution, but what about in the long run? Our mats have a 3-year limited warranty on them, and a US-based customer service team ready to help if you have any issues. We ship in 3-5 business days, rather than 4-6 weeks, and can process your order in a timely manner. We have been in business since 2010 and have been doing research, development, trial and error, and improvements for years to ensure our consumer’s lives are not at risk. Choose the real 3D MAXpider Floor Mats.

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